Product details:
⋆ Bohemian style Dream Catcher with light
⋆ Star, Moon, Sun Macrame
⋆ Many different styles to choose from
⋆ Available colors: Black, White

Take care of me:
⋆ To clean stains and molds, put some laundry detergent on the spot that needs cleaning then wipe with a damp cloth or scrub very gently with a soft brush

About me:
Material: Natural Cotton

Size: 88cm(25cm), Weight: 150g
Size: 95cm(20cm), Weight: 137g
Size: 100cm(20cm), Weight: 184g
Size: 94cm, Weight: 107g
Size: 100cm (20*80cm) Weight: 126.2g
Size: 102cm(20cm), Weight: 140g
Size: 93cm(16*77cm), Weight: 118.8g
Size: 95cm, 45cm, Weight: 160g